About us

“BMN MALINAS” d.o.o. Požega, Serbia, was founded on 2nd April, 2013.

The primary business of “BMN MALINAS“ d.o.o. Požega is purchasing, freezing and processing berry-like fruit, primary raspberries and blackberries.

The quality of the company products attracts both domestic and buyers from abroad. The cold-storage facility has been constructed in compliance with all the global standards with an area of 2800 m2 . The administration building has an area of 508 m2 and the company is constructed on a land area of 1,2 ha.


The cold storage capacity is 3500 tons with 3400 tons for product storage and 100 tons for the expediting chamber. The fresh fruit intake zone is marked and organized in compliance with all regulations.

The cold storage facility contains three deep freezing tunnels and the daily freezing capacity is 80 tons.

There are also 4 chambers operating in the minus temperature regime for deep frozen fruit storage along with an expediting chamber. One of the chambers have a capacity of 1100t, two 900t, one 500t, and the expediting chamber’s capacity is 100 tons.

The Company has 57 employees who are provided with excellent working conditions, a dressing room, and a break and resting area.

Within the Company grounds there is an agricultural pharmacy where our contracted growers can supply themselves with mineral fertilizers, pesticides and other necessities in order to produce safe and high quality raspberries.