Agricultural store


Within our company is an agricultural store with over 3000 items. We offer  our contracted growers and other customers the following:
-plant protection
-fertilizers (land, fertigation, foliar, organic) as well as substrates
-foils, netting
-irrigation systems
-tools (manual, power, battery and motor tools)
-household devices and appliances
The agricultural store has an expert service available every day to our contracted growers both in the store and in the field.
The most important function of our expert service is to draft protection programs for plant protection and fertilization and to follow the activities of our contracted growers in the field. Therefore, we can proudly say that the raspberry arriving at our cold-store is a product of controlled production.
Besides purchasing at our agricultural store you can receive expert advice regarding diagnostics of the plants, suggested plant protection, soil analysis results, proposed agro-technical measures and a design of an irrigation system.